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Experience the beauty and luxury of hardwood flooring with New Life Hardwood Floors.

Our Services

We provide exceptional hardwood flooring services to enhance your space.


Floor Sanding

Our experts use the latest techniques to sand your floors, removing imperfections and giving them a smooth finish.



We breathe new life into your worn-out floors, restoring their natural beauty and making them durable.



Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to add character and elegance to your hardwood floors.



Our skilled team can fix any damage or issues with your hardwood floors, ensuring they look flawless.


Design Borders

Add a unique touch to your floors with custom design borders that showcase your personal style.


Water-Based Finishes

We use high-quality water-based floor finishes that are eco-friendly, durable, and provide a beautiful shine.

Outdated Hardwood Flooring

Worn-out and damaged floors
Stained or discolored hardwood
Lack of customization options
Limited choices for finishes
Difficulty in finding reliable floor repair services

Revitalize Your Floors with New Life

Transform worn-out floors into beautiful surfaces.
Restore the natural color and beauty of your hardwood floors.
Customize your flooring with unique design borders.
Choose from a wide range of color and finish options.
Trust our skilled team for all your floor repair needs.

Why Choose Us

Expert Craftsmanship

With our precision and attention to detail, we provide superior hardwood flooring services.

Wide Range of Services

From sanding to staining and repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of hardwood flooring solutions.

High-Quality Finishes

We use only the best water-based floor finishes, ensuring durability and a beautiful shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our hardwood flooring services.

Transform your space with stunning hardwood floors

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